Realize Digitalization in Jababeka, Telkom, Telkomsel, and Jababeka Areas Develop the Use of 5G Network Technology

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom), together with PT Telekomunikasi Seluler (Telkomsel), and a subsidiary of PT Jababeka Tbk, namely PT Jababeka Infrastruktur (Jababeka) established a strategic collaboration for the development of 5G technology in Jababeka Area, Cikarang- Bekasi Regency, West Java.

For information, Jababeka Area is an industrial area that has successfully transformed into a modern city that is independent through the presence of beautiful and commercial residential areas and various leading facilities. Whether it is school facilities to international universities, 3 national hospitals, Jababeka Golf & Country Club, international-class sports facilities, transportation facilities, and modern shopping centers such as Living Plaza Jababeka and Hollywood Junction Lifestyle Center.

The collaboration agreement between the three parties was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) entitled “Synergy of Utilization of Company Resources in the Framework of Digitalization of Jababeka Area” at Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Cikarang, (10/2). In this collaboration, Telkom and Telkomsel will build a 5G network in the Jababeka pilot area as the first step to carry out a 5G trial use case. Furthermore, the development of 5G technology is a joint effort in realizing digital transformation for the Jababeka Area as a road map to the Jababeka Digitalized Township Ecosystem.

In line with Jababeka’s efforts to realize the Jababeka Digitalized Township Ecosystem, Telkom has also transformed into a digital telecommunication company, where Telkom has implemented the company’s customer-oriented business and operational strategy.

To answer the challenges of the digital industry and support national digitization, Telkom is currently dividing its business into 3 digital business domains, namely Digital Connectivity (which includes FTTx, 5G, SDN / NFV, Satellite), Digital Platform (which includes Data Center, Cloud, IoT, Big Data / AI, Cyber Security), and Digital Services.

Executive Vice President of Telkom Enterprise Service Division Teuku Muda Nanta in his speech said, “Thank you for the cooperation that has been well established so far between Telkom and Jababeka. Through the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding, it is hoped that Telkom and Jababeka can create a collaboration that is mutually beneficial and has benefits for the parties. We are committed to supporting efforts to accelerate the management of digitalization of the Jababeka area towards the Jababeka Digitalized Township Ecosystem.”

By presenting 5G networks in the Jababeka Area, Telkomsel seeks to open wider opportunities for the enterprise segment to be able to take advantage of IoT-based digital solutions supported by ultra-fast internet connections with low latency based on 5G that can support automation to improve product quality, security and encourage productivity. The 5G trial use case to be developed includes Fixed Wireless Access / Fixed Wireless Office solutions for personal and enterprise needs and Smart Surveillance with Camera Vision technology.  The implementation of 5G-based technology is Telkomsel’s effort in supporting the Jababeka Area road map to the Jababeka Digitalized Township Ecosystem.

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Enterprise Business Management Hanang Setiohargo said, “The development of 5G networks in industrial areas is currently very important given the high needs of the industrial sector for the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Jababeka itself is a large industrial area with more than 2000 national and multinational companies from more than 30 countries operating there. Of course, the presence of 5G networks in the region will encourage more companies to transform through the implementation of IoT technology that offers real-time capabilities and supports the implementation of smart factories, augmented reality, drone inspection, and enhanced video services that are needed.

Telkomsel is ready to support the digitization of tenants in the Jababeka area as an effort to transform through infrastructure development and support for Telkomsel’s technological capabilities and digital ecosystem. This step is also in line with our support for the government’s focus on encouraging the implementation of industry 4.0 nationally for the achievement of an independent, sovereign, advanced, equitable, and inclusive manufacturing industry.”

Jababeka Area Ready to Welcome 5G Internet

Responding to this, Tjahjadi Rahardja as President Director of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur said that his party welcomed this collaboration positively. Because PT Jababeka Infrastruktur as the manager of the Jababeka area is preparing to welcome the industrial era 4.0 to the Digitalized Township Ecosystem.

“With this collaboration, it is expected that jababeka area tenants and regional residents can get to know 5G and its benefits if 5G is implemented. So that Jababeka’s mission to help all tenants reach industry 4.0 can be quickly realized,” explained Tjahjadi.

Tjahjadi added jababeka is optimistic that this collaboration can run well and provide benefits and benefits to all parties. In the Jababeka Area itself, there is already infrastructure that has been able to support industry 4.0 through the presence of fiber optic telecommunications networks which are the basic infrastructure of industry 4.0 and have been spread throughout the Jababeka area of 5600 hectares. So that internet services can be provided in all regions, both for personal and enterprise needs.

“Then, we have also provided an end to end IoT (internet of things) solution. Starting from absentee applications, payroll, HR (human resources), and production processes.

Then we also have Fablab, a center for innovation, competency development and prototypes of various products related to the implementation of Industry 4.0. Where tenants can use fablab for their product research and development. Which means, we are ready to welcome industry 4.0 and ready to welcome 5G internet,” explained Tjahjadi.

In addition, Tjahjadi believes that in the digital era that cannot be avoided, surely the tenants of Jababeka Area are now adapting to carry out digital transformation to be more competitive, and need very fast 5G internet for the implementation of IoT or encourage their productivity.

Then, from the Jababeka Area side itself is the vision of the Jababeka Area in the future to create an ecosystem similar to Silicon Valley. Where in the ecosystem there are industry players, supported by universities, laboratories, investors, accelerators, companies, and others, including the government and Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

“So, this collaboration is a strategic step in helping our tenants implement industry 4.0 and also helping the Jababeka Region have an ecosystem similar to Silicon Valley. We are ready to help prepare what is needed so that the 5G trial use case can be carried out quickly, and even our hope is that this cooperation can continue to a more serious stage,” he concluded.

Realize Digitalization in Jababeka, Telkom, Telkomsel, and Jababeka Areas Develop the Use of 5G Network Technology