The Peak of the SCUBA Program, Dozens of People with Disabilities Show Suture Results at the Inauguration

CIKARANG – Various sewing results of sewing training participants for people with disabilities were displayed together at the inauguration of SCUBA (Skill Up Incubator) at Fablab Jababeka, last Tuesday (5/9). The event organized by PT Jababeka Tbk is the culmination of a series of SCUBA programs attended by 19 participants from 2 batches starting June 20-August 21, 2023 for 26 meetings with a total of 104 hours.

The SCUBA inauguration event was lively where participants displayed stitches in the form of bags, blouses, shirts, skirts, and trousers. The participants displayed their stitches by doing a fashion show in front of the guests, namely representatives of the Head of Bappeda Bekasi Regency, representatives of the Head of Social Services of Bekasi Regency,

Head of Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia (HDWI) Bekasi Regency Rani Mei Lestari, representatives of tenants of the Jababeka Industrial Estate Dexa Group and PT Mane Indonesia, SLB Wijaya Kusumah and dozens of guests who are mothers of the Chairman of the Village PKK around the Jababeka Industrial Estate.

As explained by Jababeka Head of City Council Maj. Gen. TNI (Ret.) Sumardi, SCUBA is a capacity-building program for communities around the Jababeka Industrial Estate through the provision of skills and entrepreneurship training. Participants who participate not only come from villages around Jababeka but also people with disabilities who come outside the Jababeka area, such as Cibitung and Tambun.

Therefore, after the training is completed, he hopes that the knowledge gained by the participants during the training can have a major impact and be useful in realizing an independent, competitive, and quality society, including for people with disabilities.

“We also hope that the knowledge that has been provided can continue to be trained and applied for the development of skills that have the potential to increase income. And we hope that their skills will also be glimpsed by the industrial world, “said Sumardi, in his speech.

To achieve this goal, Jababeka provided portable sewing machines, fabrics, and other sewing equipment to 19 participants who had attended sewing training. Simply so that they can continue to practice their sewing knowledge and use it to make stitches in the form of clothes or pants, or open a sewing order business at home. So that – in the end – it can increase income and help also improve the economy as well as their independence.

Responding to this, Head of Himpunan Wanita Disabilitas Indonesia Bekasi Regency, Rani Mei Lestari, conveyed her gratitude and appreciation to Jababeka for facilitating people with disabilities in Bekasi Regency to receive sewing skills training. The results themselves were remarkable where participants were able to produce their stitches – from shirts to blouses to trousers, which were displayed in the inaugural event.

“We saw for ourselves at the inauguration, the results of their stitches. This means that they really received training and mastered the knowledge provided in the training, “said the woman who is also the general secretary of the Indonesian Association of People with Disabilities (PPDI).

He also hopes that the training activities carried out will not be the end of cooperation with HDWI so that there are other activities that continue to focus on independence and empowerment for people with disabilities. So, they can have a decent life and Bekasi Regency is more disability-friendly and inclusive.

In a separate place, Head of Bekasi Regency Social Office Endin Samsudin conveyed the same thing. He expressed his highest appreciation to Jababeka for providing sewing training as well as providing sewing machine assistance and supporting materials and tools. He hopes that this program will continue to other regions, not only providing training, but intensive coaching, including marketing of its products assisted by Jababeka.

“Pelatihan ini sudah berjalan dengan baik, harapan besar kami, ke depan bekerja sama dengan Pemkab Bekasi, program ini tidak hanya berhenti warga di sekitar kawasan Jababeka saja. Karena, untuk warga difabel di hampir 23 kecamatan di Kabupaten Bekasi ada warga difabel. Sehingga bisa meringankan beban dan mereka bisa kelak mandiri,” kata Endin Samsudin.

The Peak of the SCUBA Program, Dozens of People with Disabilities Show Suture Results at the Inauguration