The Role of Kendal Industrial Zones in the Success of Special Economic Zones in Indonesia


Jakarta – Kendal Industrial Zone, which is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), managed to help two tenants her get benefit incentive tax holiday ( tax holiday ) Special Economic Zone, in the form of tax holiday incentives ( tax holiday ). 

The Kendal Industrial Estate helps the application process at the BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) to completion, and the two companies are PT Master Kidz Indonesia from Hong Kong and PT Sinar Harapan Plastik from Indonesia.

As is well known, the Indonesian Government will provide many facilities and incentives to investors who are willing to invest in Special Economic Zones. Starting from fiscal, customs, to taxes, one of which is an incentive for tax holidays. 

Incentives for tax holidays ( tax holidays ) are given from 10 to 20 years, depending on the amount of investment value. Investments worth 6.8 million USD (100 billion rupiah) to 34.4 million USD (500 billion rupiah) will get a 100% tax holiday for 10 years, while investments above 34.4 million USD (500 billion rupiah) to 68.9 million USD (1 trillion ripiah) will get a 100% tax holiday for 15 years. Investments above USD 68.9 million (1 trillion ripiah) will get a 100% tax holiday period of 20 years. In addition, investors also get 50% tax holiday relief for an extra 2 years.

Juliani Kusumaningrum as the Head of Sales and Marketing for the Kendal Industrial Estate said that the provision of one-stop service team assistance for the Kendal Industrial Area for up to two tenants to get a tax holiday is proof that the Kendal Industrial Estate as a manager is carrying out its functions well as well as a form of commitment to the Kendal Industrial Estate as a capable place to do business. provide comfort and safety for investors.

“We announce this news, because we know that KEK provides many benefits for investors, one of which is the  tax holiday that investors will like . And many people talk about it that “the tax holiday is beneficial for investors, you know .” But, in reality, how many have applied out of the 15 SEZs that Indonesia has? What companies have received this tax holiday ?  

“So, with the success of our two tenants in obtaining this tax holida y, we want to show its realization, as well as proof of the Kendal Industrial Estate’s commitment to provide business comfort and security for investors in the Kendal Industrial Estate. It is not just the ease of accelerating permits to build a business, “he explained at the 25th Floor of the Batavia Tower, Tuesday (6/4).

Juliani added that the benefits of this tax holiday can also be felt by local investors. This is because it turns out that there are not a few local investors who do not know that they are also entitled to get a tax holiday from this KEK.

“Many think that this tax holiday in the SEZ is only enjoyed by foreign investors. Even though the benefits of tax holidays can also be enjoyed by local companies, you know . This has been proven by PT Sinar Harapan Plastik, which is an Indonesian company, successfully getting a tax holiday , “he explained.

So, it is hoped that more local investors will know better and maybe be able to start looking at the Special Economic Zones as a place for them to do business, especially the Kendal Industrial Zone. 

“Why is the Kendal Industrial Estate a place worth considering for investment locations? Because we, as area managers, are compact with the Kendal district government to facilitate investment licensing and the comfort of the local area for investors. The proof is that 66 investors have joined. And also some of them have received KEK incentives, “he concluded. 

The Kendal Industrial Estate is the result of cooperation between the Jababeka Group from Indonesia and a company from Singapore, namely Sembcorp. Mohar / Iwan

Source : https://www.neraca.co.id/article/144808/peran-kawasan-industri-kendal-menyukseskan-kawasan-ekonomi-khusus-di-indonesia

The Role of Kendal Industrial Zones in the Success of Special Economic Zones in Indonesia
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